ThinkLexic Teacher Training

Pic #2 Teacher Training, Dallas, TX (Edited)

Grow understanding

We offer 1- and 2-day trainings for teachers designed to build a uniform understanding of what dyslexia is—and what it isn't.


Is your school compliant with the most current laws affecting learning disabilities education? We can get you up to speed.

How to identify dyslexia

What are the telltale signs of dyslexia? Learn how to implement methods for identifying and better serving students with dyslexia.

Dyslexia simulation

Want to see what it's like to experience reading as a dyslexic student? Our eye-opening simulation does just that.

Evidence-based methods

Better alternatives exist. Find out which methods you can implement (with our help) to achieve measureable improvement for students with dyslexia.

Let's keep the dialogue going

We can partner up on a range of projects dedicated to reaching educators, students, and parents.

Pic #1 Teacher Training (Butte County SELPA) Edited

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